My Simple Video Set Up

My simple video set up

This is my super simple video set up. I have fancy backdrops, an expensive video camera, tripods and other junk but I find it easier just to do it this way. The equipment and programs I reference are below for you. Lighting Set-up (I could not find the exact one I use but this is almost the same) Samson Meteor Microphone Screen Flow – I also use this to record my screen for Profit School videos. The PC version is Camtasia. […]

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Why your friends and family make horrible customers.

“And then there was a subtitle...”

Your friends and family make horrible customers. Horrible! Want to know why they make such terrible customers? Here are my top three reason, although I am sure there are many more than three! Mates Rates They often are not willing to pay full price, they expect mates rates or worse, they may expect your product or service for free. Often your friends and family don’t understand the costs associated with your product or service, especially if you work from home. […]

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5 Things You Need To STOP Doing TODAY!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.35.43 pm

  *Warning* This video contains not one but two bad words! If you are offended then best you don’t press play!  There are five things I see women doing in their businesses all the time and they are sucking away profit hard and fast. The five tips I am about to give you are not sugar coated, they are harsh and might sound a bit mean but if you want more profit and a better business then put on your […]

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Don’t Call Me Lucky!

Don't call me lucky

A few months ago the Power Ball jackpot went off. A huge $75 million dollars of which half landed in the hands of one women, was her win luck?  I had a discussion a few weeks ago with my good friend Jason where we discussed the topic of luck and how many times people tell us we are lucky for having the things we have (he has much cooler stuff than me). I hear it all the time, how lucky […]

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BIG offerings for a budget price

BIG offerings from budget prices

Are you one of the many business owners who say “I can’t put my prices up, people just won’t pay anymore”? I am about to give you my 2 cents, or 2 minutes worth actually. I hear a lot of people justify why they need to keep their prices super low, why they have to struggle with low profits and crappy incomes due to price. Recently I took a trip to Thailand. My sister and I travelled on a budget […]

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She did WHAT? A lesson on bad service.

She said what?

I read an email from a supplier to a customer who also happened to be a client of mine the other day and let me tell you, I almost fell from my perch. I could not believe what written in that email! My client had decided to end her relationship with the supplier as she had been approached by another company that offered a more extensive service. It came with a much bigger price, but we all know price is […]

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Are you guilty of this four letter F Word?

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.55.32 pm

Recently I noticed the four letter f-word appearing a lot in my life. I know exactly the word you think I am referring to and you can get your cussing minds out of the gutter. It is not THAT word! FEAR! The worst four letter F word. I took a trip overseas with my 24 year old sister to Thailand. It was her very first venture over seas but not mine.  I have lived, worked and holidayed in over 40 […]

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Who the heck are you to give me advice?

Who are you taking advice from?

  quote that inspired todays quick video was from Brene Brown. You can find more info on her here. The YouTube Video where she says the most fabulous thing ever is here. 

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How to say “NO” and mean it!

How to Say No and Mean It!

  Does saying the word NO turn you into a babbling idiot?  I am going to give you what I think is a pretty kick ass piece of advice; here goes… feel free to say no without explaining. Women love to justify their no’s with big long explanations as to why they really don’t want to say no but they have too. As soon as you start explaining yourself, as soon as you start to justify your no you are […]

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Why Low Prices Suck for Your Customers

Why Low Prices Suck for Your Customers

How do you really feel about charging higher prices for your product or service? Today I am going to give you three reasons why charging low prices sucks not just for you but also for your customer. If I had a buck for every time I have told a female business owner that her prices were too low I would be recording this two minute Tuesday in Fiji. I tell you all often how low prices are robbing you of […]

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Break the Work from Home Rules

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.35.26 am

  Hey you little rule breaker!  Today I am giving you permission to put on a load of laundry or sweep the floors. I googled the search term “tips for working from home” and there were about 1.2 million results! I checked out the most popular articles, of which most suggested that we need to avoid slipping out of the office to complete household chores. Now in theory I do agree that you are not going to get a whole […]

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Old Customer? Who cares!

Old Customers? Who cares!

How much effort do you spend keeping your existing customers? It always shocks me how much effort businesses go to to find new customers while completely ignoring the customers they already have. Recently I visited my local beautician who was offering a free eye brow wax with an any other service, but only for new customers. I had been visiting them for years, I had been a loyal and regular customer and I had bought gift certificates for my sister […]

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Big fat excuses!

We all make excuses; we tell white lies about what we can and can’t do, about why we didn’t get something done, why we are busy or tired or whatever! Here are some to the top excuses I hear from women everyday: I am going to start on Monday Stop treating your business like a diet, you can make change right now! You don’t need to wait until Monday, you don’t even need to wait until tomorrow – you can […]

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Where to send your worst customer!

Where to send your worst customers

  Of course you have heard the saying “the customer is always right”, but is the customer always right? The first use of the slogan “the customer is always right” has been credited to the king of department stores Mr Harry Gordon Selfridge, and Marshall Field the man behind what we now know as Macy’s also used his own variation; “the Lady always gets what the lady wants”. It doesn’t really matter who said it first – the most important […]

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Forget what those b*tches say!

Love Yourself Sick

Do you just love yourself sick? I am going to tell you why you should!   Growing up us little ladies could insult each other by saying “oh she is so in love with herself.Often it was a jealousy driven jibe by little girls learning the beginnings of being big old bitches.We were lead to believe that loving ourselves was indulgent and conceited; as a result I am surrounded by amazing, wonderful women who are afraid to love themselves especially […]

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